Monday 19 April 2010

Tories switch election broadcast...

Lobbydog hears that the Tories switched the party election broadcast they were originally planning for tonight – which went about attacking Labour.

Instead they have come up with this. Something which aims to fight back against the Lib Dem surge.

The strategy is typical of the Conservative quick reaction to events – Cameron reacted faster throughout the expenses crisis, for example.

But I’m not sure the switch of strategy in the middle of a campaign like this is their best plan.

In scrapping what I’m told would have been more of a direct attack on Labour, Cameron is taking the heat off.

Also what if the next debate reverses the Lib Dem surge as quickly as this one boosted it – then a vital chance to reach the electorate will not have been fully capitalised on.

It’s a risk and maybe it’ll pay off, but maybe the steady path should have been held to until at least after the next debate.

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