Thursday 22 April 2010

Stary eyes...

So much thought must have gone into tonight’s TV debate that it has the potential to be a feast of botched strategy.

I read somewhere that Cameron had been told to look into the camera more. It’s funny how people always said Clegg was too much like Cameron, and now it might be the other way round.

I know everyone raved about what a great effect Clegg’s staring had last time. But I have to say it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

As Matt Chorley put it, “I was afraid he’d still be there when I turned the TV off.”

If they all start to stare into the camera it’s going to feel like they are trying to hypnotise us.

Cameron will be aching to shine, but will not be able to use his main weapon – cutting wit. He has to attack without being too aggressive, and be better at getting his message across.

Brown will be doing his best not to lose again. But what on earth can he actually do about Clegg?

If he just agrees with the Lib Dem all the time it’s a nationally televised admission that he thinks Labour can’t win the election.

If he and Cameron both start attacking too much, not forgetting the faeces the nationals chucked at Clegg today, it’ll make the Lib Dem look like a victim, winning him sympathy.

Predictions are a risky business in this election, but I’m going to say that I reckon Clegg will enjoy another bounce from tonight – though not nearly as big as the last one.

I say that because his task is once again easier than the others’. Cameron really has to pull it out the bag for it not to happen.


lenko said...

It was the stary eyes bit that put me against the huge poster... there was Dave, staring at you, challengingly... like Chairman Mao. Look away and then back again -- still there. It's hypnotic and people don't need to be hypnotised. Most of us are stupid enough already.

Hudsonchris said...
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