Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thin on the detail......

Having had a read of the full coalition document I’m not sure I feel much more enlightened about what the Government will do exactly.

Throughout the paper the words “we will” appear over and over again at the start of sentences, but they’re often followed by statements which we have heard many times before.

Crucially, there are a lot of manifesto-style pledges that simply lack detail and so lack credibility too. For instance…

"We will ensure that people have the protection that they need when they defend themselves against intruders."

My personal favourite is this one…

"We will give councils a general power of competence."

I suppose as this coalition never had a manifesto as such before the election, it is entitled to have something resembling one now.

However, I was craving at least a small increment of detail today – not about what they want to do or what they believe in, but about how they are going to do it.


Anonymous said...

Councils? Seems they are being given more independence - as long as they are competent.

What is the govt going to do? Well I think if you look at the financial pages ALL governments are going to be severely constrained. Labour will scream like a stuck pig but its their mess. the Unions will howl blue murder, but they placed Brown in position.

If Brown 'saved the world' then why is it in such a mess now? All Brown sought to save was his own skin. All the world has done is postponed the need to mop up the mess.

Matt Wardman said...

Much about this over at Though Cowards Flinch. You need to dig.

e.g., http://thoughcowardsflinch.com/2010/03/23/the-legislative-preparations-for-the-tories%25E2%2580%2599-destruction-of-public-services/

Also at LG organisations:

and draft legislation:

Suspect that NCCLOLs would prefer a general *duty* of competence.

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louisarthur said...

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Unknown said...

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