Wednesday 19 May 2010

MPs told how to give first speech

Ah yes, freedom of speech in our Parliament of Parliaments is alive and well.

Unless, that is, you are a new MP giving your maiden speech in the House of Commons, in which case there are, of course, certain “conventions” that need to be adhered to.

After all we couldn’t have anyone saying anything that might raise eyebrows or be ‘unparliamentary’. To that end new MPs have been given this guidance from Members’ Services.

“A maiden speech is usually uncontroversial, fairly brief and includes a tribute to the Member’s predecessor in the seat, irrespective of party, and favourable to the constituency.

“It is also a tradition that a maiden speech is heard without interruption and that the next speaker praises the new MP’s first contribution.”

Let’s all give ourselves a big pat on the back shall we.

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Anglodutch said...

Yes. The same kind of crazy custom that means the swearing in of the lot of them takes days. What's wrong with everyone being sworn in at the same time?

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