Monday 7 November 2011

Where is Tory support for marriage?

I was just reading through some recent early day motions when I saw this one today backing the “Faithfulness Matters” campaign.

It’s basically saying that cheating on your husband/wife/partner is bad for society and therefore websites which help to arrange extra marital affairs should be shut down.

I’m probably a bit young and naïve in these things, but I was shocked to see just how many of the websites there are and how popular they seem to be.

The question is of course at what point does the state stop interfering in a citizen’s personal life? And if these people want to have affairs then it’s not against the law. And if it’s not against the law then it’s a business opportunity and so the market steps in and you have a fledgling industry.

Interesting to see that there are no Tories that have signed the EDM though, despite the fact that they are the traditional defenders of the family unit. Isn’t this something the PM, for all his talk of supporting the institution of marriage, would want to take a moral stand on?


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winn9797 said...

Under President Grant, the Comstock Act was introduced in 1873, which placed strict restrictions on the distribution of sexually explicit material. These laws were designed to combat obscenity and vice by banning the mailing of contraceptives and sex toys. As a result, the sale and transportation of sex dolls became illegal, effectively stifling the growth of the adult industry for decades.

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