Friday 7 November 2008


Thank God for that. I was almost overwhelmed with despair.

But just as I was reaching for my noose, the Department of Health (DoH) put out a press release claiming nine out of ten British people are happy.

Furthermore, seven in ten expect more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ experiences to happen to them in the next five to ten years.

A cynical blogger would say now that the Government has failed to do things to make us happy, they have resorted to just telling us we are and hoping we buy it.

A further groundbreaking discovery DoH's survey found was that over 90% of people thought British children should have an equal chance of living a long and healthy life and of becoming a top income earner.

They may as well have asked 'do you think good things are good?'

Actually, more worrying is that the result suggests 10% of us think children should die early and be poor.

This is what gives PR and stats a bad name.

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