Wednesday 5 November 2008

Can we try to steal some of Obama's sheen? Yes we can.

Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer must have stood up and sat down at least ten times during PMQs today.

He was trying to get in on the debate but it seemed to pass him by the poor fellow – he didn’t miss much anyway.

From beginning to end it was a competition of who could get the biggest piece of Obama pie.

The word “change” was slotted in all over the place by MPs on both sides of the House – Gordon even managed to work it twice into one sentence.

Dave opened with a neat little jibe asking whether, when speaking to Obama on the phone this morning, the PM had advised that it was “no time for a novice.”

The comment, a reference to Gordon’s conference attack on the Troy leader, bears an eerie resemblance to Clinton’s and McCain’s attack on the president-elect.

Brown hit back with an equally neat “I told him these were serious times for serious people,” – a further reference to his own speech.

MPs in every corner then started talking about what Obama’s policies were and asking whether the PM would follow suit – on tax, Iraq, the economy.

Even though it was inevitable, it was still particularly jarring when one MP stood up and said “yes we can!”

Gordon had the last word and ended by congratulating his new best friend and America for a second time.

Maybe the new President, unlike the last, will give him the time of day when he crosses the Atlantic.

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