Wednesday 17 December 2008

Mc Mc Mc McNulty

In today's stats briefing Tony "the attack dog" McNulty gave a memorably crap answer.

The Employment Minister was asked by a hack whether he agreed with the Chancellor – that recession would ease off at the end of 2009 – or with Lord Mandelson, that it is deeper and longer than we expect.

He said: “I agree with both of course. I think that in different ways they are trying to say the same thing.

“Alistair was saying, rather like the Bank of England, all the signs look like, thus far, an up-turn towards the end of that year.

“But if you look at the chart that the Governor [of the BoE] introduced, as ever with bankers, economists and everybody, there was a huge spread between quite how sharp the line would go back up and how slowly it went back up.

“There was a huge array of, sort of, ‘this is the trend, here’s how it may go’.”

Thanks for that. The hack pressed him again.

“I think they are explaining the same phenomenon," he gibbered.

“One in an economic, er, er, e-e-e economic, economicistic way and one in a business focused way.”


Anonymous said...

It seems like neither the Chancellor or Mandy are explaining anything, just expressing an opinion.

Neither appear to be offering any particularly credible solutions either....

Null said...

Sounds to me like the idiots don't have any clue what is going on and McNutty's Mugabesque drivel just highlights their idiocy.

Ted Foan said...

If McNulty is the best attack dog that Labour have got then the Conservatives could put up Mutley the Dog and still sound more coherent!

Lola said...

The real answer - Who the f**k knows' really doesn't cut it with a professional bullshitter does it?

Anonymous said...

Tony McNulty MP comes accross as a typical Marxist numpty who keeps interupting people when they are being interviewed. A few days ago he was on the BBC Andrew Neil politics show. Mr NcNulty was constantly cross-sharing when other people were being interviewed by Andrew Neil. He (McNulty) sounded just like he had to throw in his 'Twopence' worth of Blah! Why does he not just keep his fat yap zipped shut when others are being interviewed. But then he is a typical New Labour mutt who beleives that interupting others is the best way to show how 'intelligent' he is. He is just another arrogant and ignorant New Labour Numpty!!

Anonymous said...

McNulty MP is just another appologist for our Prime Mentalist, Pa Gollum McBean Brown. McBean hasn't a clue about anything. Whilst the country is in the middle of an international banking crisis, Mc Broone can 'bury the bad news' of New Lie-bore fiscal incontenance and incompetence under the welter of bad fiscal news generally. The stinking festering mess that is New Lie-bore will eventually erupt into our Dear Leader, Prime Mentalist Broone's lap. And no doubt the like of McNulty and others, along with the Dark Lord of the Sith - Peter Lord Mandelpratt, will blame it all again on them Nasty Torys!!

As said by Uncle Vanya on this Day of December 21st 2009. (and I am sand and sober today)

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