Friday 30 January 2009

Can anyone offer Lobbydog hope?

More gloom from Honda on the jobs front today.

You wonder whether workers will be thinking that if the car industry plan had come earlier things might’ve been different.

It’s impossible to say really. The key to the problem though – the drop in sales – is still to be directly addressed.

Until it is, through loan guarantees for car buyers, we can expect to read more of the same.

I’m not even certain that would make a difference now either to be honest. Lobbydog feels things are distinctly ominous today.


subrosa said...

I can offer you doom and gloom. The decline in the car industry started when Gordon Brown and his Darling decided to increase tax on what they referred to as 'gas guzzlers'. It was then that car owners, who like or need a large car, decided not to replace their present one but run it into the ground.

Then the decline in tax from the purchase of the more expensive cars started ...

JPT said...

If people don't want to buy for whatever reason then they won't buy.
And the more the government tries to get them to buy the more they will dig their heels in.

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