Thursday 29 January 2009

Tax-payers' cash goes to political parties

Over a quarter of MPs use taxpayers' cash to rent offices from their own political parties.

Some 26% of the 646 MPs - that's about 162 of them - rent from a party.

About of third of those - a total of 54 MPs - pay more than £5,000 for it each year.

If all 162 were to pay exactly £5,000 a year for their offices that would be £810,000 going into the three main parties coffers.

Technicaly there's nothing wrong with it - but there's something that doesn't feel right.

The basic figures came from a question asked by Notts MP John Mann.

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Oldrightie said...

As a party activist, offices are a difficult issue. If an MP does use space or services, is it not fair volunteers should see a contribution? Surgeries are a different matter since they are for all constituents and their costs ought to be borne by all. Grey area that I'm sure a lot of MPs might well abuse.

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