Sunday 25 January 2009

Peers wet my parade

A point was scored in the battle for openness over expenses last week, but they couldn’t let us have one tiny triumph.

Just as the little victory parade moved up the road, Peers have straddled the street and opened their bladders, soaking us all.

Reading the story on Lord Taylor’s alleged tea-room antics this morning I slowly gripped The Times tighter and tighter.

At the point the article claimed Taylor said, “I work within the rules, but the rules are meant to be bent sometimes,” my middle finger went through the paper.

The ramifications of this are huge, maybe it’s because I’ve just read it and I’m vexed, but it should be at least as big as “cash for questions.”

Even if somehow Lord Taylor explains this away, there will have to be a major shake-up of how things work.

If he broke the rules he must be punished and a new system of rules brought in.

If he didn’t break the rules, then the rules are lax and need tightening.

Politically speaking, Mandelson buster Ken Clarke will have noted Taylor’s friendship with the Dark Prince.


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