Friday 9 January 2009

Facebook strikes again

A leading young Tory activist was kicked out of the party today for boasting about dressing up as Madeleine McCann at a New Year bash.

Conservative Future (CF) member Matthew Lewis wrote on his Facebook site that his costume would include a blonde wig, "pink pyjamas, a teddy bear and a vial of fake blood".

Tory chairman Caroline Spelman today branded Mr Lewis's behaviour "totally unacceptable" and confirmed he had been expelled.

"This offensive behaviour is not only shocking but intolerable and completely unacceptable," she said.

"There is no place for this sort of person in the party."

Perhaps the Tories need to roll out their watchlist to CF?

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Anonymous said...

He can always do what failed Tories do and join the BNP/NSDAP.If he can do joined up writing he will go far!

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