Monday 5 January 2009

New(er) job for Hoon

Rumours are spreading that Geoff Hoon is still to be offered the European Commissioner job.

His people say the Notts MP is "fully focused" on his transport role, but the Guardian has a senior Labour colleague commenting that Hoon is "gagging" for the position.

Lobbydog says a department like Transport should have a long term appointment and consistent leadership.

The next round of EU appointments might not be till the end of 2009.

But if Hoon was always a possibility for the commissioner’s job (his name has been attached for sometime) then someone else should have been considered for Transport in the last reshuffle.

If he goes to Europe it’ll only mean civil servants having to explain all the issues to yet another newbie and more wasted time.

Of course it also means there could be a new MP for Ashfield.

Voters there might appreciate having someone less high-profile, who can concentrate on local issues.

But with Ashfield a safe-seat it might be tempting for Labour to parachute someone in at the next election.

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