Wednesday 7 January 2009

Moving into position

The clamour around whether to bring Ken Clarke back seems to have led to some interesting manoeuvring behind Tory scenes.

It was suggested to Lobbydog that Clarke supporters were building up talk of a comeback that they knew wasn’t going to happen to provide cover for a return for David Davis – who will turn out to be the real comeback story.

Certainly grass roots Tories would be happier with a Davis return than a Clarke one, what with the European baggage.

But the whole idea that such a thing could be orchestrated between the two groups seems a bit silly.

More interesting was a story that appeared about shadow business secretary Alan Duncan in The Times today.

The piece said David Cameron had been embarrassed by Duncan nipping off on a ski trip when other shadow cabinet members were touring the country.

The shadow secretary is apparently being sniped at by “some parts” of the party.

Could it be those parts that want their man to have his business job in the next reshuffle?

Duncan’s people assure me he feels secure in his position.

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