Friday, 9 January 2009

Regional fluff

Attempts to make people in the regions think they count are all the rage at the moment - but so often are nothing more than fluff.

I've just been chatting to a Labour comms bod about what an Assistant Regional Minister actually does - see below.

"Well they are not actually assistant regional ministers," she said.

"They are assistants to the regional ministers. They are not ministers or assistant ministers themselves."

On Labour sites they are referred to in both ways. Either way I'm still answerless to my first question.

Lobbydog says this is more pointless lip service paid to make regions think they're listened too.


skipper said...

Nice capturing of executive nonsense here. I'll file that away for my next textbook chapter on devolution

Andy said...

Sounds more like one of those 'minister of paperclips' type posts given in order to buy votes.

Mind you, helium brained nonentities like John Heppel would probably be very proud...

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