Monday 9 February 2009

Jacqui gets let off

No-one made any sort of comment about Jacqui Smith's expenses spat in the Commons just now.

Not even a passing quip or a sneer. Nothing.

They simply stood on their tippy-toes and spoke over the elephant in the room.

Utterly disappointing. As one experienced hack pointed out though, others may've not wanted to sling mud because they have greater bloopers to hide.


subrosa said...

Exactly LD. Why mock when you are also afflicted.

Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

Dear Mr Dog, just between you and me, I leaked chapter and verse about Jacqui to a normally reliable Tory attack dog, but then he ups and leaves the chamber just before she got up on her trotters.

Just goes to show, they don't make Tories like they used to.

Much Love


subrosa said...

LD, some responses to your question on :

Hope they're helpful as they cover a range of age groups.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

As subrosa says, I hope they're helpful LD.

Lobbydog said...

V helpful, thanks guys. I posted back over there.

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