Wednesday 25 February 2009

Let Wogan run the banks!

FSA chiefs get a grilling today and one of the questions will rightly be - how do we stop ourselves getting into this situation again?
I suggest... bring in Terry Wogan.
He saved Radio 2, perfect training to save the country.
Unlike most of the big chiefs in the banking industry, Tel has got a banking qualification.
'After leaving college Terry went into banking where his innate ability to separate half crowns from two bob bits soon marked him down for greater things,' according to his BBC profile.
Five years' experience.
Sounds overqualified doesn't he?
What do you think?
Would it be worth having a complete clear-out and replacing everyone with Radio 2 DJs?
Steve Wright roads and rail, Janice Long health, Russell Brand... Social Services?

Angry Ferret
PS Thanks for your kind words subrosa, but I've heard LD is less likely to need Factor 25 and more likely to be slobbering over some strudel...


an ex-apprentice said...
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an ex-apprentice said...

You were mis-named, Mr Angry Ferret, this is far too calm, collected and content.

We want fierce, impassioned, irascible and splenetic. Lobbydoggers need a daily diet of red meat, freshly torn from the still warm, bleeding carcass of those who so laughingly masquerade as our government.

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