Wednesday 11 March 2009

James er, errr, um Purnell

Noticeable discomfort clinched James “future leader” Purnell at breakfast this morning robbing him of his usual ease.

A hack asked the Pensions Secretary about what he thought of the whole “Government apologising for the recession debate”. His answer ad verbatim:

No, I mean – I think everybody agrees that, you know, we’ve, er, erm, made clear that, er, we accept responsibility of Government aaaand, er, no-one would claim that, er, everything that was done was erm, er, er, was, er, y’know, with hindsight, er, erm, always absolutely right.

But I would also think Gordon is absolutely right, err, to say that he’s been, erm, arguing at international level for the kinds of errr, financial and regulatory changes which are now right at the top of the agenda for the world.

So I think, you know, it’s er, it’s er, er, er it’s a, um, something which, um, er, people look at.

The way that, erm, er, Gordon and Alistair have, er, responded and I think the, er, the economic, um, and financial policy that they have pursued, eeeer, is, er, absolutely the right one and is leading the world in terms of its response to something which is completely unique, a unique challenge.

So I think Gordon and Alistair’s, er, position is, er, is absolutely world leading in terms of dealing with this and people, you know, many people who are, erm, economists and businessmen have, er, have said that they do look to the UK’s response on this.

Gordon and Alistair will no doubt be reassured.


Oldrightie said...

How come we have a pensions secretary, there aren't any pensions left.

subrosa said...

Did you get your share of the orange juice, coffee and croissants LD? I do hope so, I like to think some of my taxes go on good causes.

Anonymous said...

Think its shorthand for Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions.

The state pension still exists, the pension credit still exists, why shouldnt there still be a minister of state for pensions which is actually Rosie Winterton http://www.dwp.gov.uk/aboutus/ministers.asp

Lobbydog said...

Lobbydog always gets his share Subrosa. But you'll be glad to know I paid for breakfast myself. Your tax pounds are safe... for now.

Andy said...

Of course the Department for Work and Pensions used to be the Department for Social Security. But it seems that Social Security has been abolished.

As for Purnell he's a bulls***ting bum-faced chump with a combover who will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

Plato said...

Glorious stuff.

Encore please Mr Dog.

subrosa said...

LD I'd be thrilled if my taxes were spent on a breakfast for you instead of filling the bank accounts of our MPs.

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