Thursday 23 April 2009

Clarke sits back

Something I noticed yesterday that I forgot about until now.

Ken Clarke is usually the laid back sort anyway, but during the budget statement the Notts MP was noticeably excluded from proceedings.

The Tory front bench was a hive of activity – David Cameron, George Osborne, Philip Hammond and Oliver Letwin all discussed lines of attack during Darling’s speech and passed documents to each other.

Clarke, the shadow business secretary, didn’t say a single word to anyone.

He just sat back and stretched out his hush puppies with a relaxed smile on his face.

Considering he supposedly spends a lot of time discussing the economy with the leadership and was sitting right there, it almost seemed odd that he chose to keep his mouth shut the whole way through.

If it was an attempt to make sure the focus never shifted from Cameron and Osborne it seems to have worked.


Jive5 said...

Clarke is still the economic head behind the little muppet Osborne. No matter what they try and sayor do it's so obvious that it's almost painful to watch.

Farzaneh Haghayeghi said...

Evidently our PM and his C of E, the Chancellor of Exchequer not the Church of England, have not managed to convince the public and the voters with this Budget, "no rabbits". But how can we be sure that either of the other two parties will be delivering a realistic solution? I have listened to Clark on several media coverage and I feel that just perhaps he would have a rational answer for our current economy crisis as he seems to be the only person who calculatedly and clearly explains what needs to be done to recover from it. It was perhaps prudent that he kept quiet on Wednesday. Mr. Clark needs to save his energy for now.

Unknown said...

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