Tuesday 21 April 2009

Who's next in the Home Office?

So another Home Secretary chokes on the poisoned chalice.

I couldn’t go into the Chamber for her speech yesterday as I was busy writing a story, but hacks have said Jacqui Smith looked defeated and as if she just didn’t want the job anymore.

The scandals now eating her political career like a flesh eating virus – the Damian Green affair, her sister’s house, her husband’s porn, G20 protests, student visas – mean it can’t be long to the end.

It’s more a question of timing for Brown. He has to wait for the Damian Green affair to pass in order to avoid any perception that the Tories have taken her scalp.

But the longer he waits the more her departure may affect the summer elections. People, including his own MPs, may also question his judgement on the matter.

Smith follows a long line of ministers who’ve been crushed by the Home Office, think David Blunkett and Charles Clarke.

Those that managed to do the job and come out the other side include Jack Straw and Ken Clarke – two insatiable survivors.

But the daunting history will not put off others who fancy themselves a promotion to one of the biggest jobs in Government.

Hazel Blears springs to mind. The Communities Secretary is feisty enough to take on Chris Grayling.

Brown might also think her “I’m an honest girl from a working family” manner might be what the position needs.


Events dear boy, events said...

Don't you consider that David Blunkett could make a return?

The Nameless Libertarian said...

I wouldn't put it past Brown to put in one of the Blairite Labour MPs as part of his "big tent" strategy of trying to neuter his enemies. So David Blunkett could be an option; as could Alan Milburn.

I think Blears is just too lightweight even for a position so devalued by Jacqui Smith.

Bent Society said...

What a choice? Goes to show --- go to the well and the well is full of ......well ....rubbish.

Fidothedog said...

Please let it be Miliband, after his pigs ear at Defra and upset more folk abroad than Jade Goody & Prince Phil we need another inept clown.

Catosays said...

Blears? God forbid that little harridan from getting anywhere near the Home Office. Christ, it's bad enough now with Jackboots but Blears would be 10,000 times worse. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Lobbydog said...

Milburn is an option. In Blunkett, the danger for Brown is that bringing him back would be seen (even more so than with Mandy I think)as him having run out of ideas. If there is someone that can be moved across I think he'd want that first.

Sam Ellis said...

How about John Denham? Both a former Home Office Minister and former Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee. Either him or Shaun Woodward who has impressed some with his time in Northern Ireland.

Lobbydog said...

I thought about Denham, but wondered why he'd want to move across from his already reasonably steady, high-profile job. He's out of the firing line, so why break cover.

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