Thursday 30 April 2009

Just ONE family helped by Mortgage Rescue Scheme

Only one household has been helped by the Government’s Mortgage Rescue Scheme.

Lobbydog reported last month on how officials were saying the criteria for the scheme – designed to rescue those most at risk from becoming homeless – was far too tight.

At that point most applications were getting turned down – but I’m still shocked to find out today that only one family has been helped.

If Darling is right and the recession is over by the end of the year, the downturn might finish before this scheme gets into double figures.


Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

Bet they were Labour supporters, too!

Anonymous said...

Well, it can't be for the want of people who are in need. It must be too complex, and too tight. Another thing the idiot has bragged about (we're doing everything necessary) and that has had no effect.

It wasn't Jacqui Smith that got help, was it?

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