Thursday 7 May 2009

Labour stubborn over BNP

Sometimes when a politician won’t admit things have gone wrong it’s annoying due to the sheer arrogance of it.

But on occasion it leaves a genuine fear of what might happen if they really don’t admit things need to change.

So it is with the British National Party and their successful attempts to steal core working-class Labour voters in the East and West Midlands among other areas.

Lobbydog fears the BNP will make further gains at the European and local elections in June.

The problem, as demonstrated by a chat I had with Europe Minister Caroline Flint earlier, is that ministers won’t admit that people who’ve switched to the BNP feel Labour has failed them.

To what extent it’s true is neither here nor there – that’s the way they feel.

Flint pushed Labour’s usual response to the BNP problem, which is the worst one you can give to people feeling let down.

First she suggested that actually Labour had done a lot for them and secondly she said the people who’re sympathising with those voters – in this case the BNP – are fakes.

The BNP are fakes, but if Labour wants to say it convincingly it first must humbly admit it has lost touch with voters in those areas.

If the BNP get one seat in the European Parliament it’ll bring a lot of funding that’ll provide a platform for them to increase activity in the UK.

I just hope those campaigning for Labour on doorsteps are saying what ministers won’t.


Oldrightie said...

"To what extent it’s true is neither here nor there –!"

Your slip showing here, youngster. Of course it's here or there. A shambolic Government that has led us into bankruptcy for years to come. The "core" Labour voter will be the worst hit after the middle classes, who were dumb enough to vote for Labour THREE bloody times.

McGonagall said...

Labour has abandoned British workers so who should they vote for?

Anonymous said...

The BNP are fakes? I think not. The true fakes are those who had mass immigration up their sleeve but who never told the public until they got into power.

The very same ones who promised a referendum on the EU Constitution but who wriggled out of it on a technicality.

The same ones who take care that, for example, their own kids get the best education available either in the public sphere or privately, rather than let them go to one of the dreadful, levelled down schools they are responsible for.

The same ones who guzzle at the public teat for all they can get in way which is morally if not legally criminal.

And so on and on.

The BNP say what they mean and mean what they say.

That's why New Labour would like to ban them.

Can't have a party giving the people what they want, can we?

Lobbydog said...

I concede to experience as ever. Perhaps it would be clearer to have said "whether Labour believe it or not, the only solution is to accept how people feel."

Anonymous said...

New Labour used a fake debt-fuelled boom to anaesthetise the public to the dispossession of them of their country and it transformation into somewhere completely alien.

Contrary to the assurances of New Labour that it would never happen, that boom is now bust. And so is the country. So too are many millions who foolishly believed the ludicrous optimism of New Labour's Globalising drive and who are now saddled with enormous debts which they will struggle to repay in a future whne they will be crushed with the taxes necessary to pay for the years of excess and mass immigration.

The taxes however will not arrive until after the next election - a piece of routine fraud on the public by these fraudsters in Parliament, who are using public money to try to buy themselves votes and another term in office with which they can continue to destroy our country.

New Labour's ludicrous optimism about the economy is reflected in its ludicrous optimism about a glowing, vibrant multi-cultural, multiracial future - also subscribed to by the ludicrous Tories.

That too is bust, along with the fake economy that supported this illusion .

Look forward (if that is the right phrase) to a grim future for our country and our childrn at the behest of these fake, dimwit, hypocritical 'intellectuals' who have inflicted such disaster on our country.

Anonymous said...

Surely if people want to vote BNP that is their right, they are running on a fairly left wing platform, but I don't see what's fake about them. I can't believe they are more extreme than Labour. Their main policy is to favour indigenous voters over foreigners, which is a common policy in most of the countries I've worked in.
Too left wing for my taste though.

Jive5 said...

Extreme parties, and make no mistake - the BNP is one, only get in when people feel disenfranchised from the mainstream. The BNP are fake because they pretend not to be extreme. I vote Labour and am sad that working people switch to the BNP, but it's their right to do it if they want.

Andy said...

I think we should stop blaming New Labour's failures or the recession for the fact that people are supporting the BNP. All this does is give those people an excuse and gives that support a veneer of respectability.

Let's be clear. There's only one reason why you vote for a racist party such as the BNP; because you are a racist. We should stop pussyfooting around and demand that these people take responsibility for their actions and the consequences rather than let them get away with "oooh New Labour made me do it..."

Note; this does NOT mean that we should be any kinder to NuLab for their very real failures. I just fail to see how the failure of Broown's economic model means that black people should get it in the neck.

PS I see you've been invaded by the anon BNP trolls LD...

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right - parties which want to completely obliterate a country, a society, and a civilisation, the work of millennia, and replace it with a utopian illusion based on nothing whatsoever except wishful thinking aka dodgy European philosophy (and we know or ought to know where that has led to historically) are normal, and those who want to stop this madness are 'extremists?.....

Anonymous said...

@Allnottingham. I don't think your approach to stopping the BNP will work. To label people who support them as racists is just an attempt to close down debate. As I said I've worked in many different countries, Kuwait, South Korea, Japan, etc. Policies in these countries favours the local people. In Britain government policy has tried to equate incomers rights with those of the native born. The BNP are standing against that, basing their growth in support on 'my tribe first'.
The utopian idea that we are all internationalists and it doesn't matter where you are from is a goal of our rulers, but it is not an idea most societies are comfortable with. Nobody in Britain ever voted in support of such a culture changing policy. If the politicians had been honest and stated that this was a main goal, there might have been discussion of it, looking at the pros and cons. As we know that didn't happen, so now the BNP grow in strength.
The way to stop the BNP would be to have an honest debate with them, but that would mean acknowledging the culture changing policy that was sneaked in, without discussion or approval.
I think the racist slur will lose its potency because it has been used to stop debate, not illucedate the issues.

stoic said...

why dont mention that bnp ,members eat there own young, and some worship the devil

Andy said...

"The way to stop the BNP would be to have an honest debate with them, but that would mean acknowledging the culture changing policy that was sneaked in, without discussion or approval."

Except thats easier said than done because most of their campaigning is done via web message boards and comment sections, pretending to be some ordinary member of the public who's been 'abandoned by Labour'. Every time you challenge their usually ludicrous assertions and ask for evidence they either slink off, or reply with an affronted "I don't need evidence I see it every day" or "if you think I'm going to write a thesis with references to back up some of my claims, you're very much mistaken" etc.

Its reasonable inference that if you make unsubstantiated claims about ethnic minorities which just happen to confirm the worst of racist stereotypes then refuse to back them up with evidence then you are doing so out of a racist motivation.

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