Thursday, 7 May 2009

Policy from science-fiction

Lobbydog is disappointed but not surprised that the Government found a way round the European Court judgement on the DNA database.

Police Minister Vernon Coaker wants to keep the details of innocents for up to 12 years on the database.

The Notts MP's premise for this is that you will increase detection rates by having more details on the database – the thinking being that even if people have committed no crime they may commit “future-crime”.

Doesn’t that phrase sound like something out of the Minority Report?

Remember this - the Court's ruling said the Government's use of the database "cannot be regarded as necessary in a democratic society."


Anonymous said...

People talk about civil rights, civil rights, civil rights - but if your sister was raped by someone who hadn't previously committed a crime, you would hope he was on the database so he got caught.

Oldrightie said...

Surely the rape might well produce DNA for a conviction, anymouse. Your argument is we are all guilty of something or might be. Tell you what, let's just give the state everything they want, including your sister.

Lobbydog said...

Indeed. Plus, even if you do trust this Government you must remember that it isn't just this bunch that'll have access to the database, but the next and the one after that. Can you be sure that 10 years down the line there won't be someone who'd badly abuse it?

Innit said...

Vernon oacker is a dunce. It's clear when you hear him talk. His boss - Ms Smith is a is clear when she talks. How did these dunces get to be ministers in Browns government? Oh yes - Brown is a duffer too. Its high time we had a better calibre of MPs in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Sorry just got to say I hate Vernon Coacker - he is such a retarded moron. The man can't think, can't talk cant do anything but flatter ugly old women.

Anonymous said...

Seems that the Government is rapidly moving to a 'guilty unless proven innocent' scenario. If they assume that everyone is a potential terrorist (or lawbreaker of some kind...); a bit like the old Women's Lib slogan that every man is a potential rapist, which, of course, they are (the operative word being 'potential'), then any kind of surveillance, storing of data or various other breaches of civil liberties can be justified... and increasingly are.

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