Thursday 7 May 2009

Woolas has been a very naughty boy

Did everyone see that press briefing with Phil Woolas and the Gurkha campaigners?

Woolas and the Government took a beating from Joanna Lumley and co, who only yesterday had lavished praise on Gordon Brown for saying he'd sort it all out.

The row erupted again because five Gurkhas had their applications to settle in the UK turned down.

While Lumley was speaking she kept looking at Woolas like he was a naughty schoolboy and she was a head-mistress explaining to his parents that he’d been caught putting laxatives in the teachers’ coffee-pot.

Someone get it on Youtube please.


Anonymous said...

Joanna Lumley is a wonder to watch. Lumley for PM I say!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes,Lumley for PM. If I was either Nick Clegg or David Cameron I would be asking her to become a PPPC. Perhaps in either Kirkeldy & whatsit or Reddich?

Jive5 said...

He did look like he might cry at one point.

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