Friday, 8 May 2009

Two jags, two sh**s and now two loo seats...

Prezza is like Noah's Arc, everything going two-by-two.

As there is so much being said about expenses I’ll keep this short. I only wanted to highlight my two (it's catching) favourite bits news-wise.

1) Prezza claimed for two loo seats in two years. Comedy genius.

2) Even David Miliband’s gardener queried whether it was necessary for the MP to spend so much doing up his home, given the short time he spent there.


Innit said...

Nasty and obese sad-sex addicts like Prescot often end up breaking toilet seats ...I've seen it happen before many times (don't ask). Try not to picture the Prescot sex scene on his loo either. Did he flush do you think?

Richard T said...

On your second point, wouldn't the tabloids have loved 'Milliband's garden a mess'?

Anonymous said...

But the good news is that a heavy duty toilet seat has been named after him!

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