Monday 11 May 2009

Angry voters

The odd voice has been calling for Parliament to be dissolved and for a general election.

Lobbydog thinks it would be a terrible idea for something as important as a national vote to be born out of and conducted through the expenses frenzy.

Anger clouds people’s judgement.

Bearing in mind the involvement of all three main parties in this scandal, voters will need to be even more considered than usual when they go to the polls.

If the mainstream must be punished for intolerable behaviour - and I fear it will - then let it be at the European and local elections.


Anonymous said...

If the mainstream get punished it's because they've done wrong. If parties like the BNP get in it's because they're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

The longer they delay the election the worse things are likely to get.
I point you to the recent financial news.
On Friday BoE prints 50 billion pounds as British companies are having trouble rolling over loans. Who are these companies? British banks. So foreign banks are withdrawing their capital. RBS borrowed over 1 trillion pounds. If the BoE has to print all of this money to pay off foreign banks, inflation will rocket, but before that we will see a collapse in the pound. The thing to keep a close eye on is foreign outflows of capital.
By autumn we could be in a situation where the entire political class is discredited and the country is undergoing an Iceland style economic collapse. Who's going to benefit from that?
Today the BoE said they expect a strong recovery.
"The last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth" Alan Binder.
Sadly this disaster is now unstoppable. It's just a question of when the panic out of the pound starts. Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

There should be a none of the above section on the ballot papers so we could register our anger

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