Tuesday 12 May 2009

What is the best expense claim cliché you can think up?

Even if you tried to make up the most clichéd Tory expense claim you couldn’t come up with anything more apt than an old-Etonian aristocrat claiming for having his moat cleaned.

The Labour equivalent would be a former coal miner MP claiming for a coach to take 100 union members to a picket-line and then on for a day-out drinking real ale in Scarborough.

I dread to think what the equivalent Liberal Democrat claim would be. Perhaps someone can suggest one?

There was a point yesterday when I thought if I had to read or write about expenses anymore I might scream, but well done to The Telegraph for renewing my indignation.

The feeling is that we are edging closer to ‘the big one’ as the days go on.

Note that Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper are yet to make an appearance – funny considering the rest of the cabinet were done last Friday.

Saving the best for last?


Anonymous said...

Have any lib-dems been named yet? or are they clean?

Oldrightie said...

Surely it's got to be that working class hero's mock Tudor woodwork? False fascia to a false character.

Lobbydog said...

Lib Dems are up tomorrow - no party is clean. The Telegraph are just stringing it out.

subrosa said...

Ah LD I see where you're coming from now. You've had your nose to the ground I see, hopefully it's not covered in too much sh!te. :)

Catosays said...

Are we/you sure that no injunctions have been issued?

Lobbydog said...

@ Cato. Martin confirmed yesterday that there was no legal basis for seeking an injunction. After that didn't work out they passed it all on to the police to see if they could get a criminal charge against the leaker.

@Subrosa, there's an awful lot of the stuff around here, the smell can be overpowering sometimes.

Anonymous said...

"I dread to think what the equivalent Liberal Democrat claim would be. Perhaps someone can suggest one?"

How about a claim for three nights stay on a sheep farm.

Anonymous said...

Wait until we get to sexpenses

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