Wednesday 13 May 2009

Ken Clarke defends Gordon Brown. Yes, it's not a typo...

The Rushcliffe MP told Lobbydog that while the claims of many deserved to be exposed, others – including himself and the Prime Minister – had been treated unfairly.

"There are MPs that need to explain what on earth they've been doing, though for some it seems impossible to explain. But there are others that have been carpet bombed," he said.

"The minute I read in The Telegraph about the Prime Minister my reaction was that they had nothing to accuse Gordon Brown of over that cleaning bill.

"It's not very often I defend Gordon Brown, but on this issue I thought what they said was absurd."

I wonder what Cameron thinks of that?

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subrosa said...

This infuriates me. Why should taxpayers pay for MP's cleaners? Or any maintenance of their homes/second homes?

Does an army officer get to claim for a gardener because he's away in Afghanistan for 6 months and his wife can't cut the grass? Of course not.

Another thing which is annoying me is the fact that all army personnel were instructed to travel second class a couple of years ago not just on domestic journeys but also overseas while MPs travel first class everywhere.

More of a them and us situation.

Plus if I hear anyone saying they should be paid more I shall truthfully scream. No MPs requires any qualification for the job, they walk straight into £63,000+ without any form of grading such as within the civil service. Military pay has been online for a few years now and terribly easy to find.

Let 'new' MPs start on say £35,000 and pay them increments for learning then doing the job well so my year 3 they're nearing the £63,000 mark. That would give us public a more committed politician.

Gareth said...

Clarke is sorely mistaken. As Brown has enjoyed grace and favour accommodation at our expense for 12 years he had no neccessity for any property he has been claiming Additional Cost Of Living Allowance for. £110,000 in the last 7 years. Nice perk if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Clarke! I thought he'd never show up during Euro Election season:


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