Tuesday 12 May 2009

Tories get their cheque books out

David Cameron will make an announcement in about 40 mins that senior Tories will pay money they claimed on their expenses back.

I'm told Michael Gove will be among those handing cash back.

We'll find out other names and how it's all going to be done later.

UPDATE: Sky is reporting that Harriet Harman has now asked Don Touhig to come up with a proposal for the repayment of misclaimed expenses.

UPDATE UPDATE: Cameron has brought his announcement forward 15 minutes. The parties are clambering to pay back their misclaimed expenses first. What a farce!


BigBossMan said...

Again more proof that this whole issue is being used for political gain by the parties. The whole thing is embarassing.

Anonymous said...

At least Cameron is doing something. Harman's speech was just another "we'll look into it" empty promise.

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