Monday 11 May 2009

Blustering Martin outdoes himself

It was hard to see Speaker Martin’s full face from my spot, but I suspect little bubbles of foam were forming at the corner of his mouth.

Certainly the bald patch on his crown was a hearty rouge as he blew up in the Commons while talking about leaked MPs' expenses.

It started with a familiar sight – Martin hunching over a bit of paper, reading out cautious words in a voice flimsier than a slice of cucumber.

He justified why he’d now passed the matter to the police – saying the leaking of expenses documents to the Telegraph might’ve been a crime. For details go here.

But it was the moment the words on the paper ran out, and he had to rely on his own, that the fun began.

Kate Hoey started to suggest (Martin cut her off) that bringing police in was a waste of time and money.

Martin: “I listen to the Honourable Lady often when I turn on the television at midnight and I hear her public utterances and her pearls of wisdom on Sky News and it’s easy to talk then.”

He added: “I say to the Honourable Lady it’s easy to say to the press ‘this should not happen’. It’s a wee bit more difficult when you just don’t have to give – how do you say – quotes…”

He ranted about how police had to be called in because to do anything otherwise was to suggest the person who’d leaked the documents could stay in position.

Martin also warned hacks, who’d already acted to blank out sensitive details before printing stories, that they shouldn’t put MPs at risk by publishing their addresses and bank data.

So in one finger-jabbing tirade he surpassed even his own uncanny ability for misjudging the mood of the nation, gave hacks a new angle and cemented public anger at MPs who still think they’re the victims of all this. Not bad.


Catosays said...

This man gives buffoons a bad name.
Troughing git!

Oldrightie said...

Almost as nasty as his boss, Jimmy Snotty!

Silent Hunter said...

Hangings too good for him - but I would settle for it anyway. ;o)

Odin's Raven said...

On TV he said that the data was private. He still doesn't 'get it', but we all know what he ought to get.

Anonymous said...

Labour fucked up when they scrapped the convention that a Tory Speaker follows a Labour one. Martin has never been able to be seen as bipartisan. But he's really surpassed himself this time.

Anonymous said...

quote :- "Labour fucked up when they scrapped the convention that a Tory Speaker follows a Labour one."

Is that written down in the constitution?

Alan Douglas said...

"Is that written down in the constitution?"

That is what a CONVENTION is - something that is agreed upon and done though not "written down etc etc".

Try a dictionary ....

Alan Douglas

Perry Neeham said...

Martin has a long track record as an incompetent, partisan, trougher. I've also always thought he was quite thick but never had any proof of it until now.

Former Union Member said...

A man appointed to a position above his level of education and ability.God Knows if he is an example of Trade Union leaders no wonder the unions are in decline.Still even he is not as thick as the late Mick Macgaghy.

David Hughes said...

Why the surprise at this well balanced oaf ? (Well balanced, you may well ask : "a chip on both his shoulders".
M.P.s want salaries commensurate with senior management/city people in private, income-generating companies yet they put this man who is no better than a thief given his expense claims, in a position like that.
I say to the M.P.s, "A plague on both your houses !"
Why do they call it the "Westminster Village" ? Most villages only have one idiot - there must be about 600 villages missing theirs !

TwoIfBySea said...

It is high irony that this fool is meant to represent the people of Springburn. I would bet their expenses that neither he nor his taxi-loving wife has stepped foot in the area in a good while. For what she had spent on taxis (oh remember that, did he pay it back? Hmm?) is what some of those residents have to live on for a year.

The King is in charge of a slum and does nothing for the people there.

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