Friday 15 May 2009

Hoon won't face CGT bill

Geoff Hoon won't have to repay any capital gains tax like Hazel Blears did.

Blears paid out £13,000 in CGT because she sold a house claiming it was her "main home" - which means it was exempt - when actually she had said it was her "second home" for allowances puposes.

Hoon's situation, whose affairs were being looked into by the Chief Whip and HMRC, was slightly different.

His Lambeth house which was in question was designated as his main home when it was sold.

HMRC said he had "fulfilled his tax obligations".

That still leaves the question over whether he and others will repay cash for any excessive claims.


an ex-apprentice said...

"I'm sorry, I simply don't accept that."

Bent Society said...


And on that note whay has Cameron not sacked Tory MP Julie Kirkbride for double claiming on two different homes? Why the 100 percent recent press block on her EXPENSES swindle? Looks like a cover-up. Was it ex Sunday Telegraph reporter Kirkbride who brokered the sale of the stolen expenses data to the Torygraph cover her own ass and cut a deal with the press and Cameron? See:


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