Monday 22 June 2009

All over for Beckett?

Technically she goes through to the next round, but the voting figures look ominous for Derby MP Margaret Beckett.

She got less than half the number of front runner, John Bercow, and the votes of the bottom four candidates, who got knocked out in the first round, don’t look likely to be redistributed her way.

Those who voted Parmjit Dhanda will be looking for a reform candidate, which Beckett ain’t.

Meanwhile Tories who voted for Sir Michael Lord, Sir Patrick Cormack and Richard Shepherd will be drawn to Sir George Young.

But Bercow is looking like a very strong favourite to win overall.

On another note – how did Sir Michael Lord only manage nine votes when you need between 13 and 15 to get nominated in the first place?

Full results:

John Bercow, 179, Sir George Young, 112, Margaret Beckett, 74, Sir Alan Haselhurst, 66, Alan Beith, 55, Ann Widdecombe, 44, Parmjit Dhanda 26, Richard Shepherd, 15, Sir Patrick Cormack, 13 and Sir Michael Lord, 9.

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Anonymous said...

I glad the silly old prune face didn't win. Hopefully she finally slip away.

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