Thursday 25 June 2009

Recession hits firm of former Tory Health Secretary

The clothing company that Stephen Dorrell MP, former Health Secretary, is chairman of is in dire straits.

Wensum has announced it won’t be able to publish its annual accounts and shares are no longer being traded.

The firm merged with Dorrell's Crown East business in December 2008 at a point when its shares were trading at about 26p.

Dorrell took over as Chairman of the combined group on June 10, five days before they announced the suspension of trading.


subrosa said...

A clothing company is a business and so is a brewery. You know what we all say about breweries, drinks parties and organisational skills...

Eric Goodyer said...

Eric Goodyer, Labour's Shadow MP for Charnwood said “My first thoughts are with the workers who's jobs are at risk, and the shareholders of Wesnum, who were taken over by Dorrell's company and could lose their savings”.

“The real issue is why is our MP engaged in these dodgy financial dealings in the first place. He is supposed to be an MP, looking after the interest of his constituents, and he should damn well be getting on with that job. After all that is why we are paying the mortgage interest on his London flat”.
“If he does not want to do the job he should resign.”

Anonymous said...

Quite simply, this stinks! This man only cares about himself. I wrote to David Cameron about this & he didn't even bother to reply, so he doesn't care either!!

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