Tuesday 23 June 2009

Bitter Dorries

After seeing some Tory MPs’ expressions last night I guess it’s not surprising that there is already talk of an attempt to flush Bercow away after the election.

When he was giving his victory speech Bercow started to say that the first thing he thought of after winning was his “wife”.

But before he could say that last word, a Tory MP – I’m certain it was Nadine Dorries – shouted out “wages”.

She’s just been on the Today show claiming Bercow only got three votes from Tory MPs.

Talk of an overthrow may be sour tittle-tattle that will subside, but it highlights a major obstacle for Bercow in pushing through any reform.


the Minister said...

We're still waiting for responses from Dorries and Bercow on the Elected representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill - suspect this will be the acid test of whether "wages" was the first thought of Bercow or Nadine.

Andy said...

How on earth does Her Nadness know there were only 3 votes, did she count them?

I'm amazed anybody lets that fruit loop anywhere near the media.

Anonymous said...

Has she sorted out where her first and second homes are yet... and was she trying to distract us from that by babbling on about Bercow.

I'd be amazed if she could count up to three....

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