Thursday 25 June 2009

Radical reform, well, reform anyway… sort of

Seems as though the Government’s gusto for handing power back to Parliament has already dampened.

They decided to set up a Reform Committee which would get to set out how new powers – including Parliament scheduling its own business – would work.

At the moment the Government gets to decide what things are debated, and when – enabling them to use scheduling to their own advantage.

After a lot of big words the signs were that ministers were ready to let Parliament control its own scheduling, until Harriet Harman published the motion laying out what powers the Reform Committee could discuss.

It talks of the committee discussing the scheduling of “non-governmental” business. See it here, click and scroll down to number 66.

That means Parliament would not get to schedule any of the laws put forward by Government – 85% of what goes through the Commons.

So to a House which is meant to be the main check on Government, ministers are effectively saying, “you can have more power over everything – but the Government”.


Oldrightie said...

Once you have disappeared up your own orifice there is no way back. Thank you labour.

Furious Brightonian said...

Oh great - the government is trying to become ever more controlling. Our country's in a mess and they can't even do the honourable thing.

By the way - the link doesn't work.

John Fei said...

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