Wednesday 17 June 2009

Wobbly hand at PMQs

Brown’s voice started to wobble at the end of the bout between the leaders at PMQs – but it was nothing compared to his hand which shook like a pink blamange.

The PM must’ve been stung from the last time his wobbling hand gave away his anger at PMQs, because this time he tried to hide it under his other arm.

From where I was sitting it was on show, but it was mutual loathing – and I don’t use that word lightly – that you could feel between the two leaders today.

It was an extended tussle that set out the battle lines of the debate that both leaders know is now crucial to their fortunes.

Cameron says Brown will cut spending and is lying if the PM says anything else. Brown says Cameron is going to cut services while Labour will keep the cash flowing.

The Tory Leader normally listens, smiling sarcastically, while Brown speaks – today he shouted repeatedly “answer the question” in frustration.

He even got reprimanded by the Speaker for addressing the Prime Minister as “you” – a big no-no in the Commons.


subrosa said...

I also noticed Brown making a rather effiminate gesture with his left hand, holding thumb and index finger together to form an 0. Was this an effort to stop the hand shaking too I wonder.

J said...

If you look at what Cameron actually said:

"Will everyone not conclude that if you cannot be straight with people, you are simply not worthy to be our Prime Minister?"

It seems clear to me that the "you" here is not a form of address but a third-person. "One" would also fit, but is archaic.

What is not allowed in the Commons is addressing another Member directly, and not the Speaker.

Martin got it wrong. Again.

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