Sunday 27 September 2009

Tough decisions

I’d like to have blogged a bit more today but the first day of conference always promised to be hectic.

On an opening note, the PM was in The Sunday Telegraph today pledging to put the interests of mainstream middle class voters first.

It’s his attempt – guided by Mandy no doubt – to re-build the coalition that gave Labour its three previous election wins.

The problem is this time the clamour among his own MPs in Labour heartlands to give precedence to the party’s core vote is notably greater.

Several MPs I’ve spoken to said they want to see policies and speeches that will reconnect with working people.

Stoke Central MP Mark Fisher said the party needed to do much more to work with unions – “we have to remember who our friends are,” he said.

Wooing the middle-classes is necessary for Labour to win but focussing on it now, in the vulnerable position he’s in, is a huge gamble for Brown

The problem is he doesn’t have much choice but to take it.

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