Wednesday 4 November 2009

Crunch moment

Sifting through the blogosphere this morning there seems to be a fair bit of vitriol from grass roots Tories about Cameron’s Lisbon U turn.

Take a look through the comments at ConservativeHome, or underneath Ben Brogan’s piece on the Telegraph website.

Some try to divert anger on to Labour, their thinking – “we would never have had to break our referendum promise, had Gordon Brown not broken his in the first place”. A bit limp if you ask me.

You have to wonder how many votes Cameron will lose to UKIP over this. What happens now though is absolutely critical for the leader.

He has had months and months to get his policy sorted for this moment, and Tories who are still backing him will be hoping that the sense of behind the scenes kafuffle are unfounded.

If Cameron has learnt anything from this whole affair, it should be that he needs to be straight with people.

But I fear that when he spells out his new European policies later today there will be vague promises to repatriate powers which will be hard to keep.


subrosa said...

From what I've heard, many tory voters have already made up their minds to vote UKIP LD, regardless of what Dave says later today.

Jive5 said...

Most Tories are too desperate to get into power. They're not going to UKIP or anywhere else.

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

As a One Nation Tory I welcome Cameron backing off from his frankly dangerous anti-european policies.

It is time for him to lead, and not be led by the europhobes in the party.

And frankly if they dont like it, let them leave- I dont want them in my party.

Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

I was amazed to see Blunkett raising Dave's U turn on PMQs.
Of course, such is his contempt for democracy that he was part of a government that reneged on a manifesto promise to have a referendum. He is too thick skinned to see his hypocrisy (not that blunkett is blessed with one iota of integrity).

Of course, if Cameron continued with his promise of a referendum on the now agreed constitution, Liebore would attack on the futility of a vote on something that has now passed into law.

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