Wednesday 4 November 2009

Kelly has a dig

Drowning in expenses stories, but just a quickie. Respect to Sir Christopher Kelly for twice outing political game playing:

1. He said the leaks of his report were incredibly frustrating and that they had not come from his committee. In fact, he added, they had started to appear within hours of him pre-briefing party leaders on what his report would say. Tut tut.

2. Harriet Harman, he pointed out, had told his committee that MPs should not be allowed to employ spouses, but then speaking in the House reversed her view. It’s leaders that are meant to tell people what they want to hear, Hattie. You’re not one yet.


Anonymous said...

Surely you don't for a second believe that this woman who can't open her mouth without putting her foot into it could ever lead anything.

The court of public opinion wouldn't have it.

Lobbydog said...

I don't. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean she won't become leader.

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