Wednesday 14 April 2010

BNP exposed!

Standing outside the small bungalow on the outskirts of a Stoke on Trent housing estate your humble blogger was becoming more and more frustrated.

I had knocked on the door and the window several times but no one had answered, yet I knew there was someone in there – I could hear voices and even laughter.

I wouldn’t normally keep bothering people if I thought they didn’t want to answer. But the owner of the property, a BNP politician, had not installed a door bell and I couldn’t be sure he had heard me knock. But he had.

From behind the glass panel door I saw a light-ish coloured figure approaching, and then it dawned on me – “Good lord, this man is going to answer the door naked.”

A seething Councillor Anthony Simmonds pulled open the door dressed only a very diminutive pair of blue briefs.

So shocked I was, that I did not have a chance to say who I was before he growled “can’t you see I’m busy!”

I could now. I knew meeting the BNP would be revealing, but not this revealing.


Kenny Davidson said...

And the point of the article is?

Lobbydog said...

It's whimsical. I suppose you BNP boys aren’t renowned for your sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

I'm a BNP man, and I think it's quite amusing!

Now, how about an article on BNP policy?

F. Watts said...

YES. The naked truth please from BNP.

Anonymous said...

All this extra media attention has highlighted the fact that the BNP are not british and do not have british values! any party which hates the father of british ideology SIr Winston Churchill is no friend of England or Britain! I say they are more unwelcome then any working migrant! they are not wanted anywhere and hide behind their nazi police mates and get chased all over by Asian youth! they start a fight 10 on one, and then when the asians go get their gang together and retaliate the BNP cowards call the police to do their bidding for them, just a whole host of cowards, trying to keep the cards stacked in their favour and losing miserably! so let me finish by saying, we dont need your pathetic prejudice and the longer you hol on to it, the more alien you will become in a british society, hated by white, hated by black and living in resentment all your life and then on your death bed realise that the african nurse watching you die was a nice lady afterall!!

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