Tuesday 13 April 2010

Islamic "Power Breeding"...

Yesterday BNP Deputy Leader Simon Darby was talking to Lobbydog about unemployment in Stoke on Trent.

Darby, standing in Stoke Central, said young people today couldn’t get jobs so easily because of the competition from immigrants.

The BNP’s policies – freezing immigration, sending illegal immigrants home and pulling out of the EU – would, he claimed, create opportunities.

That line may appeal to some, I replied, but what about ‘those’ communities that were legally here already – how would he deal with them?

Darby moved the conversation specifically to Muslim communities and the issue of “power breeding”.

“There is a problem with the Islamic community. They are power breeding,” he said.

“They are deliberately having more kids to take over the country. They are using demographics and benefits to deliberately fill the country. That’s a problem that needs addressing.”

But how, I asked, do you ‘address’ such a problem?

“First it needs to be discussed. We have to have a chat with the Islamic Community and say we know what you are up to and it’s got to stop,” he replied.

LD’s contacts are good, but I admit even I do not have a number for ‘the Islamic community’.

Let’s say for a minute, I asked, that the country turned around tomorrow and said ‘you’re right, you’ve been the most forward thinking on this, we need to deal with it, what’s your plan?’

“In the same way that the tax and benefits system encourage this, people having more and more kids, it could be used inversely to turn it round.

“People may call me a racist for that, but if you look at the demographics it’s startling.”

So the tax and benefits system could effectively be used to penalise those Islamic families that have ‘too many’ kids.

The BNP also has a housing policy of giving priority to the children of ‘local’ people who already live on an estate when handing out social housing.

On its own the housing policy sounds reasonably innocent, it is sold as a scheme to keep families together. But added to the anti-power breeding policy a more daunting picture emerges.

After all if Islamic couples cannot have many kids, and if council houses go to the kids of those already living in council houses, then wont the effect be to slowly ‘de-islamify’ council estates – isn’t that ethnic cleansing?


Gareth said...

I despair at the way some parties approach problems. They either go at things entirely wrongheaded or, as the three main parties have, agree not to discuss matters.

UKIP's burka ban - not needed: either ban *all* face coverings or leave things alone.

BNP's 'power breeding'. If it hasn't escaped the BNP's notice there are white families with loads of taxpayer funded children as well. No need to talk to the 'islamic community' about it because the problem isn't islamic families - it's the welfare system that puts no limits on the numbers of children taxpayers have to subsidise. These families (of all creeds) are behaving perfectly rationally - the state throws money at them if they have more children so they have more children.

All it would need is to keep existing claimants as they are but insist that for new claimants after May 7th child tax credits and the like only apply for the first one or two and if you're in a council house you won't get bumped up into a bigger one by having more children. At some point the Government has to say 'enough' to the people taking the piss. That it has been reluctant to do so (and the opposition likewise) is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the BNP want to promote white people having kids.

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