Thursday 15 April 2010

Local knowledge is the way to win an election...

There was a comedy moment on BBC Radio Leicester last night when Jack Straw was being interviewed.

The Justice Secretary was praising Labour’s candidates in the county’s two most marginal seats including North West Leicestershire.

To get the ball rolling Straw got the name of the constituency wrong – obviously didn’t have enough time to read the briefing in the car on the way up.

“Our candidate in Leicester North West was the leader of Leicester City Council. He’s very well known it’s quite remarkable.

“When I was up in Coalville earlier today people would say ‘Russ is over there, Russ is over there’. People just know him.”

Obviously not well enough to know his name – which is Ross. Doh.

Skip to 14mins to hear the gaffe here.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, if local knowledge is key, why have they parachuted in Chris Leslie to Nottingham East?

Anonymous said...

Poor old Jack is hard of hearing. That's why he banned the Burqua/Hijab at his constituency clinics. You can't lipread someone wearing a Burqua. He's often seen cocking or cupping his ear as above.

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