Friday 23 April 2010

This image may disturb you...

Those Tories are getting more and more creative on photo-shop. This is the image from their new poster.

The caption, which I've chopped off, suggests Brown can’t answer the question about his dodgy leaflets which make false claims about other parties’ policies.

"Yeah but, no but" is obviously the quoted phrase. It's certainly striking, if not a little disconcerting.

It was apparently produced in response to a Labour poster, which I admit I haven't seen.

But if Labour hasn't already, they should broaden this theme out I say and come back with a poster depicting Clegg and Cameron as Lou and Andy.

Lou Cameron: "Now Nick, why don't you have a lovely chair at the end of Commons Chamber near the door."

Andy Clegg (pointing at the despatch box): "I wont tha' one!"

I leave Labour bloggers to do the photo-shopping...


Andy said...

I suspect the (removed) Labour original is this one


Anonymous said...

The original Labour poster is here


You can perhaps see why they have pulled it

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