Tuesday 27 January 2009

48 hours

Lobbydog is eagerly awaiting the theatre of a tough two days in the Commons for the Transport Secretary.

Notts MP Geoff Hoon will hold Transport Questions today – the first since John McDonnell’s underwhelming mace protest.

Then tomorrow he will have to appear in the opposition led debate over Heathrow.

The Government had tried its hardest to avoid discussion of its runway plan on the Commons floor – now they have been dragged kicking and screaming Lobbydog wants to see critics let loose.


subrosa said...

Another interesting day will be next Tuesday when the Treasury Select Committee meet in Portcullis House. The first speaker will be representing the people of Kaupthing, Singer and Friedlander (Isle of Man). These are the poor sods, UK citizens and tax payers, who have had their savings stolen by the Uk government. Alistair Darling continues to refer to the IoM as a tax haven. These folk have paid UK taxes on their hard earned money. Brown and Darling have not replied to ONE email sent from the account holders.

Have a wee look at their website, makes interesting reading. http://www.ksfiomdepositors.org/

I've got friends who are now homeless because of this. They sold their house in September, put the money with KSFIoM, then early October asked for the money for their 'new' house to be sent to an English bank and it never arrived. So they lost that house and have no money and no home. Just one of 10,000 folk affected.

Lobbydog said...

Indeed. I'll try and pop along and let you know what happens. The whole thing over Icelandic banks has descended into a finger pointing fest with everyone saying everyone else shold have noticed. Once the blame game is over the people at the bottom will still have nothing.

subrosa said...

Many thanks Lobbydog. What a complete shambles this government has made in the past 10 years.

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