Tuesday 27 January 2009

House of Conway

A reality-challenged individual has suggested to me that making the House of Lords fully elected would fill the honesty gap that chamber is suffering from.

That’s right - because elected politicians have shown themselves to be utterly incorruptible.

Derek Conway’s son did in-fact provide an invaluable service to the tax payer and Neil Hamilton was dutifully representing the views of a voter when he was paid to ask Parliamentary questions.

Trixy makes a decent point about Labour life peers here.

The idea of having a house of unelected experts appeals, but there needs to be new way of appointing them

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Anonymous said...

Lords open to monetary influence reflects badly on Lord Mandleson I would have thought.

A push to make them disclose all business and financial interests would rattle those living the high life on an EU pension that binds them to praise that institution on pain of having the pension taken off them.

Can the upper House be reformed? We've already had quite a hash of it by getting rid of not quite all the Hereditaries (who were largely removed out of spite. See: MPs have their offspring chomping at the bit to get involved.) Their replacements have been inconsistent. Learned men and women plus a fair few party toads.

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