Monday 26 January 2009

New cars are on me too

Nationals are reporting there'll soon be a bail out for the car industry.

Part of the deal will include loans for car-buyers.

Lobbydog wondered why it seemed to go unnoticed when David Cameron first publicaly suggested the idea.

I don't know whether the Tories actually thought of it first or not.

But the vital questions are: How much will it be? Does it mean we'll start bailing out all other industries? And if it is only going to prolong the inevitable is it worth it?

We'll get the details in an announcement from Mandy on Wednesday.


Null said...

Great does this mean the government will loan me the money for my new Q7 instead of Audi Finance? How kind...

manwiddicombe said...

When will the obsession with getting people into debt ever end? Yes the car industry is suffering (as are many other industries) but I remain unconvinced that increasing borrowing, when excessive borrowing is partly to blame for the current crisis, is the answer.

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