Tuesday 17 February 2009

Can we just call them all racist?

I'd been trying to avoid taking part in the war between LabourList (Derek Draper) and the right-wing bloggers - but this is too funny to ignore.

A bit of background for new readers:

Draper is a Labour spin-doctor brought in by the party to re-balance the blogosphere - which is heavily tilted towards the political right.

His tool is LabourList, a website launched with the aim of rallying left support on the web.

But it has been criticised for being controlled from the top down - unlike many of the rightish blogs which stand apart from the Conservative Party.

Since its launch LabourList has not been a resounding success.

The film also alludes to a story about Draper's university qualification, which it was initially reported came from the famous institute UC Berkeley.

It turned out later that it was from a lesser known college next door to its prestigious neighbour.

Hat tip to Donal Blaney.

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Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

I tried, oh how I tried. I took the monkey in, trained it, shaved it and even allowed it into my bedroom. How disappointing therefore to see the Draper debacle unfolding in slow motion.

As previously mentioned on my blog, I instructed dear Gordy to get rid of Drooper. He should be gone by Friday.

Much Love (to zoo keepers everywhere)


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