Tuesday 17 February 2009

Not Spelbound

Perhaps it's 'nannygate' or her dwindling support among Tory grass roots – but Lobbydog thinks the pressure is beginning to show on Caroline Spelman.

The shadow communities secretary didn’t sound up for the fight on Today this morning and in a briefing on Tory local government proposals yesterday she found it tough sparring with hacks.

The proposals themselves are quite interesting and have even won the support of a few Labour MPs in Leicester.

But that didn’t make it any easier for Spelman yesterday – she was relentlessly challenged by a few members of the regional lobby.

Where a Gove would have silver-tongued his way out of the corner, or a Pickles would have barged his way out, Spelman seemed to become worn out – like a wasp stuck in a jar.

Over the weekend Spelman – known as Spelperson by some Tory members who dislike her PC views – came bottom of a satisfaction survey among the party faithful.

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