Tuesday 17 February 2009

Tempting the devil

Ken Clarke has launched a broadside against Mandy.

Rushcliffe MP Clarke said: “It’s clear that even Peter Mandelson is exasperated by Gordon Brown running around like a headless chicken announcing a daily initiative, instead of sitting down calmly and producing a proper plan.

“He is quite right to say there is no value in trying to create frenzy around these issues every day. Who can he be referring to if not Gordon Brown?”

This is the big beast trying to force a response from the Business Secretary, who has been keeping a low profile recently.

Some have argued that Mandelson’s withdrawal from the limelight is a deliberate tactic, an attempt to take the wind out of Clarke’s sails.

The temptation for Mandelson to deny a rift between the PM and himself will be there, but he won’t take the bait – he’s been around too long.

But if Clarke keeps up the attacks then something will have to be done. We watch and wait.

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Oldrightie said...

He'll bite, just you see. Might be Gordo he bites, though!

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