Tuesday 3 February 2009

Flag hag

In a secret message Peter Mandelson confirmed his status as Dark Lord of British politics by surreptitiously appearing in front of an upside-down Union Jack.

That’s what I reckon anyway.

The official line is that the mis-hanging, which occurred during a signing with the Chinese Premiere, was a mistake.

You’ve got to laugh at the silliness of flag-gate.

That is unless you’re Tory MP Andrew Rosindell who won the prize for overreaction of the day.

He called it "an unbelievable flaw in protocol".


Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

Dear Mr Dog

How right you are about little Andrew Rosindell. Having said that, this shabby lapse of protocol will never again be allowed to occur when I am in charge...

Much Love


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Photo caption:

Have him scrubbed down and taken to my tent.

Lorenzo said...

If they had a real flag it wouldn't matter which way up it went cos it'd be the same.

subrosa said...

Conan, you may not be too far off the mark there.

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